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Teddy likes Billy's eyeliner too much and Billy and Tommy try to come up with a game plan for this party.

But if we were clones wouldn't I be a lady type instead? )
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Tommy and Illyana serve detention - and finally talk it out. More or less.

You're as self-centered as I am )
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Jean-Paul and Scott touch base over Xavier's announcement.

It's amazing what you can get away with when you're the only student here. )
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Gar meets Teddy before trying the Danger Room for the first time. The two decided to team up and tackle a simulation or two.

I have no idea what I'm doing here, but we're here to do something, so here goes. )
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Kurt has a run-in with a growly (but surprisingly restrained) Jean-Paul.

Ach, he missed currywurst. )
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Terry and Otabek have a run in with their powers. After initial unpleasantness they make amends and chat music.

Don't try and silence a siren )
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After Vax leaves, Percy takes his advice and calls Vex.

Hello, Vex. I'm not interrupting, am I? )
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Percy's birthday doesn't turn out as he expected.

Happy Birthday, by the way. )
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The announcement puts things into perspective for Shen, and the girls talk again. With entirely better results.

Well, that's a start at least. )
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Ororo and Shinobi have a walk through the back garden. Her unusual perceptiveness takes him off-guard, but in a surprisingly positive way. You know, by Shinobi standards.

Why do you play the - airhead? )
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That one time Yuri Plisetsky showed up while Kitty was dancing...

It's very Riverdale around here. )
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Shen and Eileen get chatting. When Shen stops tiptoeing, they talk plainly, and then get to dancing.

The whole electromagnetic spectrum is my bitch. )
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Ororo jumps at the opportunity to meet the boy her roommate's mentioned. Unsurprisingly, they get along.

Since you're so gung-ho, are you joining the Professor's new little scout troop? )
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An angry Inu-yasha meets his new tutor, who is possibly the only person in the entire school who could actually put up with him. Inu starts asking the important questions.
(Super backdated because Kate is made of fail, shh...)

Why does your name mean four? )
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Shinobi takes Tamara for lunch at the Hellfire Club, and it’s an eye-opening experience for her.

Christ, Shinobi, how much money do you have?? )
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Illyana crashes with the boys, a movie night is suggested, and then things get campy.

(Very brief discussion of rape and consent as it relates to Rocky Horror.)

Just uh, be warned, it's rated R for a reason. )


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