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After the mission planning meeting with Xavier, Illyana finds Tommy out on the roof.

That’s why I came up here – I was burning for a social life. )
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Illyana's been told to apologize. It could have gone worse.

'Science' is just the process of trying to organize and understand processes of the universe. )
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Simon has a nightmare and Jean-Paul manages to save him from himself. They talk awkwardly in the kitchen.

Do you want to talk? It's supposed to help with exorcism. )
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Just another morning in Room 103, nightmares and growling, followed by their first Danger Room session.'s a near thing, but no one dies!

Smash them, get the base, we win. Seems simple enough even for you, demon-boy. )
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Kitty meets Scott her first week at the school and apologizes for the trick she played on him.

Never learned to knock? )
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No matter how fancy the institution, cafeterias were pretty much the same everywhere. The one nice thing about this one, Tommy had to admit, was the lack of policing on how much any one person could take. There was none of this 'one main two sides only one drink' bullshit, which meant he could pile his tray as high as he liked. At least until they decided feeding a bunch of teenagers that way was a waste of resources. For the moment, however, no-one had looked at him twice when he'd added a third hamburger and easily half the bowl of salad onto his plate before heading for his table.

Geez; look at that. One month in the place and he'd already started thinking of things here as 'his.' He'd already been here too long.
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Clarice meets another fellow mutant beside the lake. This introduction goes a lot less smoothly, and Inu-Yasha gets a crash course in the biggediness of Bahamian gals.

No crazy girl is gonna push me around when I was mindin' my own damn business! )
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Gar and Clarice meet in the woods behind the mansion. It actually goes pretty well, despite his bird-brain and her willingness to teleport at the slightest provocation.

Like, uh, weasels are fun. Raccoons, too. I was a cheetah, once, which was fun. Pretty much any big cat is fun. )
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Tamara makes another friend, and continues her appreciation of cute mutant boys... Bobby makes a very good impression.

You look at dark fairies on DeviantArt? )
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Jean-Paul and Tessa have a surprisingly low-snark picnic.

If nothing else, she could be sure of an honest critique from her dining companion. )
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Bobby teaches Jean-Paul the finer points of basketball. Jean-Paul teaches Bobby the finer points of messing with your opponents.

No one likes getting their ass kicked by a kid three years younger than they are with hardly any formal training. Less so seeing him lauded for it. )
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Nick and Illyana meet, and discuss relative states of weirdness.

Sorry. I don't suppose you'd believe me if I said you reminded me of someone? )
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Simon meets Illyana, pisses her off, and gets a few surprises.

Would you like to meet some? Or are you still sure you know everything? )
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Two teleporters meet on the water. Fear for the future their mutual enabling entails.

Doing what seems like a good idea at the time tends to get me in a lot of trouble. )
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Warren stops by the rec room where Tamara is on "bed rest." Serious flirtation occurs.

Flying is everything--and you're gonna love it. )
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Tamara is stuck in the infirmary, but gets her first visitor - and makes her first friend! #girlswithwings

Do they have, like, flying classes here? )
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Simon doesn't appreciate Warren's singing in the shower... or his potential biohazards. Warren chips away at him anyhow, and it turns out just fine for the rich boys.

Come to my school, he said. Come live with kids your own age, he said... )
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Tommy's time trials are interrupted by a flash of light and a Jeanne-Marie. Superspeed flirting is go. (aka "Which one of these two will end up getting in trouble because of flirting first?")

Meet me at the scoreboard and I’ll race you back. )


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